unique thing on here! whats up?

  1. kereta dan pintu masuk ada gerbangnya, jadi biar aman gak jatuh atau kalau ada orang yang bunuh diri atau waktu jam sibuk gak ada yang kedorong ke rel mereka gk bisa. anw, jenis pintu kayak di sg ini hampir sama kayak di korea, karena banyaknya kasus bunuh diri di sana. hmmmm


2. Dakota. nama yang sama persis kayak di Amerika. mungkin kalau dibandingkan panas dan jumlah penghuninya hampir sama. kalau ada yang gak tahu gimana Dakota itu kalau Amerika, Dakota itu tempatnya para cowboy dan empat patung presiden Amerika yang diukir di bukit itu. terus di sana masih ada suku indian juga loh! keren ya! Abraham Lincoln, Washington D.C, dll. 2017-03-15-15-34-06

3. es gingko biloba, kebayang gak kalo di Sg dengan tropical seasonnya, ada gingko biloba yang hanya bisa ditemukan di negara empat musim, korea, jepang, cina, eropa, amerika, australia. hmmmm. impor banget yaa??2017-03-14-20-57-28

4. warna pintu ini mirip banget sama pintu yang ada di BBKKP piyungan, jadi kayak tembus gitu ya… haha pintu kemana ajanya doraemon nih! asik kali ya pergi kemana-mana gk pake pesawat tapi pake pintu kemana saja. 🙂2017-03-15-15-35-21

5. ini tempatnya Raffles place, jadi kayak romawi gitu bangunannya dan gk jauh dari sini ada victoria hall, kesannya kayak england banget gitu ya… 2017-03-19-10-54-28

7. jangan tanya panasnya seperti apa kalau di sini. 2017-03-19-11-34-25

8. sebenernya ada beberapa tempat yang pengin aku lihat misalnya china garden, garden by the bay, tapi apalah daya yang males naik peswat hehe, dan kali ini males aja ke luar negeri kalo gk ada kesempatan gratis 😀


about unique thing.

thanks for experience as long as on the Brawijaya University. I know itsn’t final for everything. but let me to nostalgic for flashback from 2014-2018.

1. very new experience for participate on the writing competitionIMG_8922

2. on the middle 6th and 7th semester we’ve intership on the Jogjakarta and we allow on the Mangunan (pine) forest. the sunbright so shiny. like you *who is him? anw_20170727_190336

3. second place was in the Animal science faculty on the Gadjah Mada University2017-07-29-07-22-12

4. situation on here like as in the europe when it cloudy. 2017-07-29-07-25-31

5. on the weekend we (me, aunty, and sister) spend to the museum angkut. it’s so surprise


6. first week on the 7th semester we have guess from Weginengen University. so kind person about him. 5752

7. thanks become my part of life. thanks for accept me to the parts of yours!12661969_501015510059228_412746335898772614_n

8. my sociopreneur first! my face so bad. cause I’m so tired when time goes to midnight. 14480679_765651713538209_4199492263433594300_o

9. my second sociopreneur on the abroad. thanks for free registration and new friend, new experience17309516_10154123047482924_3575800908203595255_n

10. other family on the Brawijaya University, since I knew about you’all. I’ve future. 1484915288883

11. goes to Campina ice cream. such as on the Korea baby!campina_170225_0026

12. hello moo, are you miss about me? are you remember if you want me to keep on the near of you? #saidmyfriend #yousolovelyIMG_20160122_180040

13. I never dream if I can stand on this land, where it become the best human resource for human life. I think some punk boy is bad boy, but its so wrong, they so kind. they so honorable about woman more than my friend. 🙂 I hope us can meet again. IMG_20170319_122229_1

14. second country. it’s almost same as with Jakartah. I think the indian person not kind on anything. IMG_20170321_072638_604

15. country on the above cloud. such as dream when we intership on the peak of the garden vegetable. IMG-20160130-WA0002

16. thanks for so long experience. we never forget about you all 🙂 LINE_P20170830_205854669

17. cute smile haha. I like this shine and temperature cause there’re high buildingmeonsg4

18. what’s next experience?

19. although I’m very much minus in the academic, but I’m never dream I can reach my dream. it’s like as thanksfull for your gift. I dont knew how much you give it to me. but till now, I’m never understand how beautiful my future with my lowest GPA ever maybe. its sometimes make me hurt when I remember about it, with high GPA from other friend. its sometimes make me down too. sometimes I always ask to myself, how they can get high GPA meanwhile, I’m never get high GPA, for elementary school up to now, I’m never get high score in anything. in reality i’m so hardstudy, hardwork, so love with book. but why I’m never luck with this one? and why if it my destiny, Allah sent me to the university. are you know my God, it make me sad deeply? you so much give sadness to me and just few happiness. if it compare maybe it 1:10 happiness : sadness 😦

I’m never knew about my destiny in the future. I dont knew, are you testing me how strong me for walk on your way O Allah? so many way for my future, but why I’m so doubt about my choose? why are you always testing me so hard till my heart always tired about it? it make me so tired you know? how it’ll stop?

I knew everyone look at me on the bad characteristic, I’m stupid, browny skin, ‘homo’ but they think like thats? how about you? I’m single sometimes what I do like that, but I dont like that, bad, not beautiful. everything what inside and outside of me always bad never good. why everyone always look at me like that? am I wrong to born in this world till you all always look at me like that?

when you all think about me like that, yes true I’m Puspita and I never allow to born in this world. I’m always get bad thing. I’m never had a friend.

21 century children

what do you think about situation being on the children now?

are you never think if they haven’t dreams for this country? there’re so many videos on the social media which show if they as couple who has been married? are you knew, if they’re still on the elementary school? but what they do not like as their age.

I’m trying to ask about their parents, how they educate their child till them on the social media’s video with shying thing?

I’m very understand if they’re live on the village, as we knew village is best place for us to comeback to the nature and gone from daily activity on the town where it make as stress or depress. actually, everything was change as following development of technology and information which it always watch by everyone not filter by age. but, why children now must doing something like that? are they haven’t filter such as their religion or knowledge

about love in the future…

mmmm.. when I must share this topic? it a specific thing for final year in the collage. such as me. in this step there’re so much dream to reach. there’re marriage, continue for double degree, looking for job, open business, etc. but, for single fighter what I must do for that? and when there’re people who want you as his couple, what’ll you do? are you have criteria for your men?

of course. there’re believe. Islam as his religion, more high degree than me. lovable for my family. but I think I never want marriage with people who life near me such as my collage friend or people who knew me such as now. cause I’m very knew their characteristic. it’s make me boring. and for the his hometown? my parents want me to marriage with muslim who life in Indonesia, although he is not Indonesia people (WNA).

as long as he is muslim, it’s ok! and always sholah (pray)


let’s break a stone!

today I’m here some problem from my friend, actually it our problems. not in the short time, but in the long time. yeah, its about our partner you can call him with Tn. Y (that’s not his name)

sooo many friend who tell their problem if he’s heart as hard as stone. he never thought if he wrong anymore. always true and right. how I can imagine his characteristic? he so mindful but he never think about other people. mmm, maybe he think about other people if there’re people who need him but sometimes he not give an answer too..

ugh. wanna angry to him.

how about your opinion if you faces the person who like him? he always debating small thing which it not needed for debate. are you never study about Islam boy? Islam was religion who make essay the people who embrace it. are your Islam so tiny winy bity, delicious, cute, healthy? till you make difficult with your mindset and for explain to other people. if you have mindset which it so difficult to explain just remember and put it on the heart and your mind tho, not explain and make other people so difficult. so you feel you always right. you such as haven’t ear to hear anything in around on you.

so, whats you’ll to break your heart if you have wife and daughter also son on future. if you’ve bad character like it? pfftt

why some days ago I’m always tell some bad things in other people :/

sorry I’m never though like it, but my feel and heart so bad . confuse of course.



misunderstanding/salah paham

when you meet people who always misunderstanding, it’ll be must difficult for explain.

include me. ugh!

how I can explain from a to z?

there’re too much story for me to explain about my experience. I’m scary if I explain too much will be more make me confuse.

I want to make proud other people and life far away from people who life near me. I can see stardust, milky way, and beautiful night scenery. can take picture star rail. it’s so make me amaze with God creature. always amaze.

I can see the whole the world. I can see make amaze capture from other side world. every side world. around the world. and meet with people who always love in me. but, there’re people who always disturb me for reach my dream. sometimes it make me so sad, confuse. I think, why always never give chance for reach my dream which it’ve build for long time ago. years ago of course. if I near to reach my dream, everything will be gone from my eyes. from front of me. in a second.


everything my dreams always steal by other people. dreams on the front of my eyes. I never give chance to give my opinion. thats never can be reach by me. never. I’m almost give up with my life. I’m almost end my life. cause everything in my life was  never fair for me. my happiness was gone, I dont knew where it gone. I never see happiness when I stand or sit from here. there are a happiness,but then there are too big sadness in my life. never fair. its unfair life ever for me. are there’re people who’ll make me happy ever in my life? it’s too sad when I remember everything. too sad story in my life. if I could choose birth or never birth in my life. I’ll choose never birth in this world.

are happiness can calculate how much it? are it show by degree or number?

actually, everyone have opinion each other. we never fault if there’re different opinion. cause we life with different manner, different activity, different mindset. just never wrong everything who other people say. it like as when you read newspaper, you just read but you never give feedback too deep for problematic in there.

so, just hear then give opinion dont make everything too confusing. okay? you can do it! fighting!